How to Keep Ants Out of Your A/C Unit!

Your Air Conditioning and Heating system is one the most expensive pieces of equipment in a home. Not only the initial purchase but they can use a lot of electricity if not running properly. Keeping them at 100% of their effectiveness and efficiency is critical for saving you money and of course the comfort level in your home!

One of our most common AC repairs here in the Central Texas area is due to Ants getting into the delicate controls and causing failure. These repairs are not covered under any warranty due to the fact that it is not a manufacturers defect, so this is something you want to avoid!

In most cases this is something YOU CAN PREVENT!

Fire ants and other insects are attracted to the electrical currents that are present in certain areas of the machine. One or two ants will show up and before long there will be thousands of them congregated around these parts. Keep in mind it only takes one well positioned ant to stop an Air Conditioner in its tracks!

With all of the rain that we have had this Spring, we expect this will be a bigger problem than usual!

Here are a few tips you as a homeowner can do to prevent this from happening to you!

  • Keep your grass cut and the area around your unit clean.
  • Treat the area with insecticide regularly. There are many options at places like HEB and Lowes.
  • Have your system regularly maintained. We use a special spray in our tune-ups that leaves an insecticidal residue sprayed in just the right spot and is effective for about 6 months.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for ant mounds developing. Especially after rainy weather! Treat with Insecticide

With summer around the corner, a working air conditioner turns from a luxury into a must-have item. If ants wreak havoc on your HVAC system, call Garner Heating and Air Conditioning for the fix!