Our People

Doug Garner AC Repair Buda AC replacement Kyle
Doug and Karen Garner started Garner Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in late 1988. Getting jobs secured and designing the different systems to suit the needs of the customer are his main duties. Doug has been married to Karen (see below) for 30 years and they have a grown son Reagan (now in the Air Force) who is married to Baeli, and daughter Lauren, 19. Doug is N.A.T.E. certified in 4 areas of our trade. Doug was featured in Holt, Rinehart, and Winston’s Physics 2006 High School textbook. You can see the layout hereE-Mail Doug
Max Bethke-0953-250
Max Bethke is our Field Supervisor. He makes sure our team is running smoothly. He will be seen doing Service Calls, Installations and doing Quality Control. He was born and raised in San Marcos. Max has been with our company since 2005! He is a great father to his 8 year old son (Maddox). Max is a N.A.T.E. certified technician! E-Mail Max

Ryan Peterson is our Installation Supervisor. He will be seen on most system replacements and new construction jobs. He is N.A.T.E. certified in 4 areas of our trade. He lives in Kyle with his wife, 4 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. He attended Angelo State and Texas State University. His hobbies include Hunting, Fishing and Physical Fitness.

Don Lee is a Senior Sales/Service Technician. His main responsibilities include running service calls & system replacement recommendations. Don is Veteran of both the Army & Navy and participated in operation Noble Eagle after 9/11. He is a N.A.T.E certified Technician. Don has over 12 Years in the trade!

Zach Vasquez will been seen on system replacements and service calls. He attended Texas State University. Zach started out as a helper last year but has quickly gained skill and is a valuable asset to our team! Email Zach

Alvin Moore is our newest member of the team! He will be seen assisting on new construction jobs as well as system replacements.
Karen Garner AC Services San Marcos Air Conditioning & Heating Kyle
Karen Garner is the office manager. She answers the phone and oversees the scheduling of service work. Her tasks include bookkeeping, taxes and keeping up with the maintenance agreements along with all other recordkeeping. E-Mail Karen

Daniel Hall is our Warehouse Coordinator. He manages our Inventory and orders materials for each job as well as managing warranty returns. He also does Manual J load calculations to ensure proper equipment sizing for our new systems.

Cody Todd is a new part of our install team. He is a rookie in our trade but a fast learner and loves the trade. Cody will be seen working on system replacements and new construction projects!