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Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

5 Main Benefits of Ductless For Hays County Homes

Central heating and air is extremely popular, but ductless heating and cooling systems, also known as ductless mini splits, actually offer many benefits that centralized HVAC cannot. Here is what Garner chooses as the top 5 benefits that a ductless system can do for you in Hays County when a ductless system isn’t your only option.

  • Customization

Many people prefer different areas of their home to be different temperatures, a concept known as zoning. In an area where people are more active, more air conditioning may be preferred. You can also better heat or cool areas where a ducted system just can’t reach or work quickly enough.

  • Less Costs

You can expect to save 20-30% a month if you switch from central HVAC to ductless. This also makes it better for the environment. If your ducts leak air, the savings could be more.

Additionally, strategically cooling and heating rooms where you need it most can prevent energy wasting.

What are the rooms you spend the most time in? Are there rooms you rarely use or spend very little time in? You probably already know ways to save money without even having to think about it too much.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

Ducts can unfortunately spread dust, allergens and bacteria, even after a good cleaning. Ductless systems now are a bit more advanced. Not only do they not have a chance to collect as many contaminants, but they also now come with a filtration system.

  • Easier to Add on a Room

Expanding your ducted system often involves lowering ceilings or otherwise taking away space. Ductless systems are the easy option to eliminate a step of construction for your home when adding a new room. And you won’t be cutting corners at all–in fact, you might be gaining the space of all your corners!

  • Minimal Noise

It’s a nice luxury to have perfect quiet and not have to listen to a centralized system or a rattling window unit.

Choose Ductless and Experience These Top 5 and Other Benefits

The above benefits are just our selection of benefits. Ductless systems are also:

  • A convenient, compact size

  • Quick and easy to have installed

  • Easy on the eyes and do not block windows

For any questions related to ductless heating and cooling systems/ductless mini splits or anything HVAC, call Garner at 512-392-2000.

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