What You Should Do in Hays County, TX

Everyone with an AC unit older than 2010, in Hays County, TX in addition the rest of the US, has reason to pay attention to the big message from the Environmental Protection Agency about the R22 refrigerant phase out.

Garner Heat and Air would of course be more than happy to assist you with any necessary system conversions, but first, let’s understand everything going on, starting from the basics.

What is the R22 Refrigerant Phase Out?

The EPA states that R22 refrigerant is set to become illegal to sell, handle or use in the year 2020. This is because R22 is considered an ozone-depleting substance. The safer refrigerant that will take its place is called 410A.

How Will the Phase Out Affect Me?

There is still some time to prepare. You will have to discontinue the use of R22 and use a refrigerant that has been deemed less harmful. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Use an alternative refrigerant in your current AC

  • Have a new AC installed and use a new refrigerant

The Main Question We Hear: If you can just maintain your current AC and utilize a new refrigerant in it, why would you need to buy a new one?

Our Answer: Using different refrigerants in your current AC could void the limited warranty and increase the chance of a breakdown. If you feel that this is a good solution, you can legally do this, but we don’t recommend it.

What if I Wait to Replace My AC?

Let’s say you aren’t using an alternative refrigerant. You decide to go ahead and keep using R22 refrigerant until the complete ban.

R22 is still available, but it isn’t cheap. Prices are already beginning to skyrocket as 2020 gets closer. A refrigerant leak is more costly than ever this way. With that in mind, we are urging homeowners to take action quickly.

Does Replacing My AC Have Other Benefits?

It might be frustrating to have to get a new unit, especially if it’s on the newer side. Yes, it will be an investment. However, you can experience additional benefits, including:

  • Faster Cooling

  • Longer Limited Warranties

  • As Much as 40% Utility Savings

  • Planet Preservation

  • Decreased Noise

Garner Heat and Air Will Help You With All Considerations

We are always here to answer your questions and address your concerns. If you’re interested in the process of an AC replacement, we can point you to the options that suit your needs the most. And if you’re taken a bit by surprise with the R22 refrigerant phaseout, we also provide financing options.

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