5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Motor is Acting Up

You rely on your air conditioner’s fan to circulate air in order to cool your home properly. When it starts malfunctioning, it is definitely cause for concern. The trick is to recognize the signs that it is your AC motor acting up and not some other part of your system. Look out for:

  • AC turned on but motor not running.
  • A fan that won’t quit running even if the AC is off.
  • A rattling noise emanating from the condenser unit.
  • Fan blades turning very slowly.
  • Weak airflow from vents.

If you are noticing any of these signs, check out our top 5 reasons why.

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Reason 1: Clogged Air Filter

Our top three reasons are really easy to address. The first one is easy to overlook: your air filter. When was the last time you changed it? If you have pets or a family, you might need to change it a bit sooner than you think. Check if the filter is dirty and could be obstructing any airflow, then change it and see if your system goes back to normal.

Reason 2: Tripped Breaker

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It is time to take a “trip” to your circuit breaker panel. Open it up and see if your AC breaker has tripped. Try turning it back on and running your AC unit. If it trips again shortly, you could have a larger electrical issue.

Reason 3: Thermostat Turned Off

Sometimes all you need is a quick reminder. If your thermostat was turned off by someone in your family, you might not have noticed.

Reason 4: Fan Blades are Obstructed

Check your condenser unit to see if there is an obstruction or dirt build-up that you can easily remove. Branches tend to cause problems particularly during Hurricane Season, but there are all kinds of things that our technicians have found obstructing blades, including dead animals! If the fan blades are stopped completely, try taking a screwdriver and nudging one of the blades. If it won’t rotate, you’ll know there is something caught.

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Reason 5: Capacitor Issue

The capacitor might be at fault if you notice a humming noise or your AC is sluggish to turn on and turns off on its own.

If it is a capacitor issue, you’ll need a professional air conditioning technician to examine your system. Additionally, you could have something else wrong with your system that needs looking into, so it is always best to call in for help if you are unsure.

If you were not able to resolve the issue on your own, Garner AC is always just a phone call (OR TEXT) away at 512-392-2000! Our licensed technicians are always more than happy to help you diagnose and address your HVAC issues, no matter how big or small!