The Tools That Achieve Pristine IAQ For Your Home

Outdoor pollution can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality. But those outdoor contaminants are just one component of indoor pollution. Your house is tightly sealed to keep in your conditioned air, which means harmful bacteria cannot escape. Lack of sunlight can exacerbate the situation.

According to the American Heart Association, an air purifier can reduce some of this poor indoor air quality. Also helpful are UV lights, air/furnace filters and more! Garner can help you with them all.

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Some causes of poor air quality in your Austin area home include: 

  • Cleaning products.
  • Not using proper ventilation systems. 
  • Smoking indoors. 

Simple daily activities that are unavoidable, like cooking or cleaning, can lead to poor indoor air quality if you do not use proper ventilation methods. Additionally, you should be conscious of the systems in your home, like your HVAC, stove and fireplace that can also lead to poor indoor air quality if not maintained properly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your indoor air quality. 

To improve your indoor air quality in Buda, TX, you can: 

  • Clean your home often. 
  • Introduce fresh air by opening your windows. 
  • Use exhaust fans when cooking. 

Another thing you can do to improve air quality is regularly clean or replace your HVAC unit’s air filters. Additionally, you can invest in an ultraviolet air treatment system for your home’s HVAC system to help keep your indoor air clean. To get an ultraviolet air treatment system installed, call us today.

Most indoor air quality problems start in your HVAC system or air ducts in Buda, TX. If you have dirt, dust or mold in your air ducts and air vents, it can contaminate your air when you heat and cool your home. That is one of the main reasons why regular HVAC maintenance is important. Additionally, you should regularly change out your air filters, as they can accumulate dust and other debris. A media air cleaner can help keep your air ducts clean as the air flows within your air ducts. To get a media air cleaner for your home, give us a call today.  

Causes and Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution

A few big contributors to indoor air pollution include:

  • Smoke – From both cigarettes and furnaces

  • Mold – Caused by very humid conditions, including water leaks

  • Ozone – Builds up from outdoor air from poor ventilation

Garner has three products that really tackle these pollutants and more:

  • Air and Furnace Filters – If you’ve ever taken a look at your filter before replacing it, it probably had mostly dust on it, and if you have pets, it contained dander and fur as well. This mixture aggravates allergies, and keeping your filter fresh every few months helps reduce those allergies.

  • UV Lights – What do mold and mildew have in common? Answer: they don’t grow in sunlight. UV lights safely kill biological contaminants like these and more.

  • Media Air Cleaners – Air cleaners, also known as air purifiers, are great for catching microscopic contaminants like smoke and spores as well as larger ones like dust and dander.

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