Technician blowing in-attic insulation.

Having effective levels of Attic Insulation when you live in greater Central Texas is paramount. Because of our long, hot summers, the heat that can accumulate in an attic space is about 150 degrees or more. But with the proper amounts of attic insulation installed, you can reduce the amount of heat coming in when Summer hits and keep that heat in come Winter!

Without the proper levels of insulation, The heat in your attic will make its way through the ceiling and affect the comfort level in your living space. Your Air Conditioning system will have to remove this heat and guess what? That costs you MONEY!

Unless your home is relatively new, it’s likely that your home’s attic insulation could be degraded, due to either rodents, moisture-related damage or dirt from air leaks. Over time, insulation can compress as well, reducing its overall thickness — and its efficiency. Replacing any damaged insulation is an important first step, because rodent problems, for instance, can cause a health hazard and must be completely eradicated if rodent droppings are found within your home’s insulation.

It’s often helpful to have a professional assess your attic insulation to determine its condition, and assess whether you have. Then, we can make recommendations for upgrading the insulation if needed.

In the our region, most attic insulation should reach a minimum efficiency rating of R-38, or have at least 12 inches of insulation. Batt insulation and blown fiberglass insulation are often the best choices for an attic space. Batt insulation comes in blanket form, and can be easily laid between attic joists and studs. Adding blown insulation to an attic’s oddly shaped spaces helps to create an efficient space, as it easily conforms to crevices and around wiring.

You might be surprised at difference this can make to your home. Many people say they notice an immediate difference in their comfort level and Utility Costs

Contact us and we will give you an Honest assessment of your Attic’s Insulation.