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Air & Furnace Filters

The First Step to Cleaner Air

Without AC & furnace filters, also known as an air filters, your HVAC unit would accumulate a lot more dust and break down much more frequently. Your home would also have more dust floating in the air, potentially triggering allergies and asthma. The filter needs to be replaced every so often so that your system isn’t struggling to pull air in and out through a blanket of dust.

Garner can guide you through the task of getting new furnace filters in the Hays County area.

Furnace Filters side by side dirty vs clean
What type of furnace filter is best?

The best type of furnace filter depends on your specific needs and HVAC system. Common options include fiberglass, pleated, electrostatic, HEPA, and washable filters. Pleated filters strike a good balance between cost and performance, as they capture various particles effectively. HEPA filters provide the highest level of filtration, suitable for those with allergies or asthma, but they can reduce airflow. Washable filters are environmentally friendly but may be less efficient. Consult your HVAC system's manual and consider your indoor air quality requirements when choosing the right furnace filter for your home.

Is it worth buying expensive furnace filters?

High-quality filters, such as HEPA filters or those with a MERV rating above 10, offer superior filtration, capturing smaller particles and improving indoor air quality. This can be especially beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory issues. However, they may also reduce airflow, potentially making your HVAC system less efficient. Consider your health concerns, HVAC system capacity, and budget when deciding whether the added cost of expensive filters is justified for your home.

Common Questions About AC & Furnace Filters

What size filter do I need? - Filter sizes are very straightforward; they are length by width by depth. Measuring your old filter will give you the exact size you need. Or easier yet, the size is usually marked on the side of the filter.

What type of filter is best? - This depends on your needs. Disposable fiberglass filters are the most common. They are cheap and meet basic needs. To step it up, you could look into pleated filters, which catch more particles, or electrostatic filters, which attract more particles. There are varying levels of efficiencies depending on your price point.

How often should I replace my filter? - The most you should change it is monthly, and this is in the case of owning multiple pets or having an occupant with allergies. Having only one pet cuts it down to once every two months. And in homes with no pets, once every three months should be enough.

Garner is Here For Your Complete HVAC Needs

We enjoy providing AC & furnace filters and other solutions for Hays County, and we also install, repair and maintain heating and air conditioning for the community as well. If we can do anything beyond filter service for you, just call 512-392-2000 to let us know.

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