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Heating Service

Unmatched Heating Services near Kyle TX

Our heating services encompass a wide array of solutions. From efficient furnace installations and heater repairs to comprehensive HVAC maintenance, we ensure that your heating system operates at optimal efficiency, keeping your home warm and comfortable during the coldest months in Hays County. Our certified heating contractors specialize in diagnosing and fixing various residential heating system issues promptly and effectively.

When your furance stops working, Garner is your local HVAC professional for top-notch heating service.

Call or text us at 512-392-2000 and we'll have your home ready to coast through winter without a single shiver.

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HVAC Service FAQs

Why is cold air coming out of my vents when the heat is on?

Cold air may be coming out of your vents when the heat is on in your Hays County home because:

  • Your thermostat is set to ON not AUTO.
  • Your air filters are dirty or clogged.
  • Your heating system has overheated.

When your heating system doesn't work as it should, it can be very inconvenient, especially in the winter. If you find that your heating system is blowing cold air for a reason other than the first two listed above, you should get your heater repaired by a technician.

How do I fix my home heating system?

Some ways to fix your home heating system in Hays Count include:

  • Ensure that your thermostat is set to the correct setting.
  • Check the circuit breaker that powers your heating system is working.
  • Reset your heating system with its reset button (if it has one).
  • Replace your dirty or clogged air filter.
  • Check your vents and outdoor unit to ensure they aren’t blocked.

When your home heating system is not working, it will typically have to do with the power supply, the air filters, the thermostat or the unit itself. Some issues are easier to fix than others, so if you encounter an issue that you aren’t familiar with, we recommend that you get an HVAC technician to fix it.

How much does it cost to replace a central heat and air system?

It costs around $6,000-$10,000 to replace a central heat and air system in Hays County.

However, some things that can affect the overall price are:

  • The size of your house.
  • The type of central heat and air system you want.
  • The cost to remove the old unit and install the new unit.

A central heat and air system can be expensive to replace, but it is a great investment because it increases your home’s value and decreases your energy bills.

Can a heat pump get stuck in heat mode?

Yes, a heat pump can get stuck in heat mode due to various issues. Common causes include a malfunctioning thermostat, a faulty reversing valve, or a problem with the defrost cycle. If the reversing valve, responsible for switching between heating and cooling modes, fails, the heat pump may remain stuck in heat mode. It's advisable to consult with HVAC professionals to diagnose and address the specific issue, ensuring your heat pump operates efficiently and provides both heating and cooling as needed.

Why is my furnace not reaching temperature?

There are several reasons why a furnace might not heat up to the correct temperature. A clogged air filter obstructing airflow, a broken thermostat, or a blower motor issue are examples of common problems. Inadequate heating may also be caused by problems with the heat exchanger, gas supply, or ignition system. These issues can be avoided with regular maintenance, such as changing filters each month and taking care of minor concerns right away. For best performance, it is important to get advice from a licensed HVAC technician if the furnace is still having trouble in order to identify and resolve the exact problem.

Furnace & Heater Replacement Service

For new constructions or upgrades, our installation services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of HVAC system installations, guiding you through the selection of the most suitable system for your home. We offer guidance on selecting energy-efficient heating systems that align with your preferences and budget, ensuring a seamless transition.

Local Furnace Repair Service

Facing a malfunctioning heater can be disruptive and uncomfortable. Our team is readily available to diagnose and repair any issues your heating system may encounter. With swift response times and a commitment to quality HVAC repairs, we ensure your comfort is swiftly restored.

Professional Attention, Expert Service

Garner can help you with heating repairs, replacements and maintenance. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, so our highly-skilled HVAC technicians can install quality Carrier products with dependable workmanship - but we can also work on and replace a variety of systems, so we’ll never leave you out in the cold.

We can diagnose and repair heating issues such as:

  • Heating Failure
  • Inadequate Heating
  • Odd Noises or Smells
  • Excess Energy Usage From Heating
  • Uneven Heating
  • Odd Colored Pilot Light

Plus, we can let you know if your system has reached the end of its functional lifespan and recommend a new, more efficient and cost-effective replacement.

For the Best Choice in Reliable Heating Service, It's Got to be Garner

Since 1988 Garner Heating & Air Conditioning has been at the forefront of exceptional heating service. We continue to build our outstanding reputation every day for all things HVAC with new installations, repairs and maintenance visits. We take great pride in our:

  • NATE, NCI & EPA Certified Technicians
  • Family-Founded Company & Mentality
  • Promise For 100% Satisfaction
  • Carrier Factory Dealer Authorization to Ensure Top Quality Products
  • High Standards For Our Customer Service

Reach us any day of the week at 512-392-2000 to join others all over Hays County that have already experienced the Garner difference, and treat yourself to a cozy winter.

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