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Top Ways To Improve Your Hays County, TX AC

Garner has studied a lot of home air conditioning units in the Hays County area, and we’ve seen a lot of issues that prevent the units from reaching their full performance potential. We’ve categorized these setbacks into three groups, depending on their solution: repair, maintenance and replacement.

Read on to find out when each of these solutions is needed to create better AC performance.

Solution 1 – Repairs

Don’t give up on your trusty AC if it still has life in it. Chances are, it’s not gone for good. If you have noticed a significant decrease in the coolness or airflow, it can probably still be fixed. These are common components that go wrong and what their signs are:

  • Low Refrigerant – If your unit is low on this essential fluid, there is probably a leak. It never gets “used up”, because it is not a fuel, so it should always be full.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil – If you notice this, shut off your AC and call for a repair. It can be caused by something as simple as dirty filters or a lack of maintenance on the coil.

  • Leaking Ducts – The problem may not be with your AC at all. If you have decreased airflow, it could be escaping from your ducts.

Solution 2 – Maintenance

If you haven’t heard it by now, we’ll say it again: regular maintenance keeps your system running efficiently and significantly reduces the need for repairs. The parts of your AC will wiggle out of place or collect dirt over time, causing your AC to eventually fall into disrepair.

Here are a few things a good tuneup will ensure for your unit:

  • No damaging buildup in the outdoor unit

  • Clean, effective evaporator coil

  • Lubricated moving parts to decrease electricity usage

  • Clean and adjust blower components for up to 15% airflow increase

Solution 3 – Replacement

New air conditioning units blow the efficiency of old units out of the water. If it has been 10 or more years since you had to replace your AC, consider replacement. You can enjoy not just more powerful cooling but less energy usage as well. There is a lot of great variety on the market nowadays.

Replacement is by far the best way to raise the efficiency of your cooling if you have an older model. If you have a newer one that doesn’t frequently break down, it’s a better idea to keep up with regular maintenance instead.

Enjoy Maximized AC Performance and Airflow

If you stick to the basics, you’ll be saving money and enjoying better comfort in no time. If you have a more specific question for an expert, call Garner AC at  512-392-2000 .

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