4 Springtime Home Maintenance Tasks You Can’t Ignore

As temps start to warm up, we naturally begin focusing our energy on cleaning out the closets, shampooing the rugs and dusting the furniture. However, without a thorough Spring Maintenance Checklist intended to address winter damage & system inefficiencies, the house itself could suffer irreparable damage.

Mother and daughter cleaning.

Check out these regularly overlooked tasks that should make your maintenance list this spring and get your home running safe and efficiently! 


While your heating and cooling systems condition your home’s air, they also collect small airborne particles like dander and pollen that inevitably sneak into your home. Over time, these impurities build up in your ductwork, both impeding the flow of air and further circulating allergens throughout your home.

When your ducts are clogged with dust and pollutants, not only does your indoor air quality suffer but your heat and AC are forced to work twice as hard to deliver the same level of comfort. Make sure duct cleaning is on your annual spring cleaning list to save your air quality and keep your comfort systems in good condition!


We all know that everything is bigger in Texas, and summers are no exception! If left unmonitored, temperatures in your attic can soar upwards of 150 degrees. Not only does this make the space unbearable, but it can also increase the temperatures in your living space.

However, with proper insulation, you can easily reduce the amount of excess heat in your attic and its impact on your home comfort. If you haven’t had your insulation installed or updated recently, you may want to consider calling a licensed professional to install or replace it!


Clogged gutters can lead to a variety of problems, including basements leaks, rotting wood structures and insect infestations. These issues are extremely expensive to fix, sometimes exceeding $4,000 or more!

Make sure your gutters stay free of leaves and other debris by trimming your foliage back to discourage stray branches from causing any blockage. Additionally, you should be cleaning your gutters once a year, so why not do it while the weather is pleasant?

AC Maintenance

The last thing you want in the middle of a big Texas heat wave is for your air conditioner to stop working. Make sure your AC is prepared for the upcoming summer season with seasonal maintenance. If you keep your AC system in good condition, it can efficiently cool your home for up to 20 years, so make sure you’re keeping up with your spring tune-ups.

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