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Keeping Up With HVAC Changes

Some of the old ways just won’t cut it anymore in today’s HVAC world. Gone are the days of using your hand to gauge airflow, charging a system to “should be good now” and watching the needles move on inaccurate analog gauges. When inspecting todays modern equipment, modern tools and techniques are vital! At Garner, we pride ourselves on keeping up with changes in HVAC best practices. 

A view of the digital gauges displayed using our wireless probe systemAn example of our virtual probes used in HVAC service


For the price we have to pay for a new air conditioner and the price of  a new home, we all expect performance and reliability from our HVAC systems. If we installed your system in the last few years then we may have Benchmarked your system. This way we can always refer back to the day that it was brand new and performing at its’ best and compare with how it is functioning for future inspections.

 An example of the report provided by our digital probes

The industry has changed a lot in the last 20 years and we have changed along with it. An Air conditioning system involves several key components, not just the metal box in your attic and the unit outside. The duct system plays a huge role in this process, as does the wiring and refrigerant lines running through your home. Today’s A/C systems are under a much higher pressure, they require a very precise refrigerant charge, and air flow is critical to the operation of your system. If any one of these is out of range, then you will see a loss in efficiency and performance.  Sometimes very minor adjustments can make big improvements, but without proper procedures and tools these problems continue to fester for years, costing you hundreds of dollars.

The digital probes and data collecting technology our technicians use in and around your home can accurately measure the complete systems performance so we can make adjustments and maybe recommendations for improvements.

An example of our virtual probes used in HVAC serviceAn example of our virtual probes used in HVAC service

Your equipment may be the latest and greatest highest end model, but it is connected to an inadequate duct system or doesn’t have a precise refrigerant level then you are not getting what you paid for.

These and others are the reasons we use this data collection system!  We can place our probes in key locations in and around your home and in about fifteen minutes we can see exactly how the system is working as a whole.  All this information is then compiled so that it can be interpreted by our technicians who can see how your system is performing.

 An example of our virtual probes used in HVAC service

This is a much better process than many companies are using. The old way of replacing parts till it’s fixed are not acceptable anymore. For the same reason you won’t let just anyone work on your modern vehicle, why would you let just anyone work on your modern Air Conditioning system?  So, reach out to a company that’s using the highest standard of new technology in the HVAC industry, and trust Garner Heating and Air with your HVAC needs.

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